dinsdag 18 september 2012

New drummer wanted for Brito

Okay... So Johannes, our drummer called it quits. Its a shame and to bad, but we wish him all the best. 

Now we are searching for a new drummer. Anyone who is interested, lives near Groningen (holland) and hits like a motherfucker can contact us!!!

maandag 30 juli 2012

New songs

This has been long overdue but here it is. We have some new songs up on our bandcamp: from the soon to be released Grinding Halt/Brito The Drama split. Check it out!

maandag 5 maart 2012

updates, benefits and records

Here we are again. Saturday the 10th we have a show in Nijmegen with Udarnik. Its a benefit show for Gods & Queens, who... Ah you should know that by now (read the other posts). Help them out and show up.

There are more shows coming up in the near future. We will let you know when we know!

Also, the new record should be coming soon. Its a split with the great Grinding Halt. The great Mara Piccione is busy with the artwork. You should check out her site: http://www.piccione.nl/

See you soon

maandag 28 november 2011

Gods & Queens need your help

This is so fucked up. The band Gods and Queens had a terrible car accident while touring EU. They are lucky they are not dead and need your help to pay the medical bills etc! We played a few shows with them this year and they are great guys. So please help them out! We wish them all the best!

Use these links to do so: 

and read the full story here: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=144654948973258&id=246766922036401

woensdag 9 november 2011

Brito + Einde Verhaal In ORKZ

Alright, time to play again. We got a show this friday the 11th of november with our Friends of Einde Verhaal in the ORKZ in Groningen. Should be a nice evening, so get your asses there!

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

New songs in the can

The new songs are in the can! We recorded five songs last weekend for a split 12' with Grinding Halt and a song for a 7' split single release with the Canadian band Mouse Ear. Mixing is on the way. Should be good. We will keep you updated when this is out in the open.

maandag 26 september 2011

BRITO is going blog on you

Okay, finally we are in to the 21 century with this thing. So i am intending to maintain this thing as much as possible for the time coming. First of all, within two weeks we got some studio time to record some new songs for the Drama split with fellow friends dutch/ groningers hardhitting noisemakers Grinding Halt. Should be good. We will keep you posted when that thing is out in the open.

Also, we got some shows the coming months so check it out:

11 November The RKZ (groningen) with Sweet Empire
12 November Flatertheek (Naaldwijk) with Sweet Empire
18 November Germany Tour (tbc)
19 November Germany Tour (tbc)
20 November Germany Tour (tbc)
16 December Mullheim (tbc)
17 December Utrecht (tbc)
18 December Wormerveer(tbc)

So, this is set. updates coming shortly.

Finally, we still got a few 'This wave is only for the goodhearted' records left. If you want one let us know. Our myspace is still in the air: www.myspace.com/britoband ( who knows for how long, cause it sucks now in case you didn't know already), so check out some songs from that 12':